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Probably one of the most ominous pests, there are many species of spider native to Florida that can infest a home, structure or property. Some are dangerous, others just a nuisance. Most spider species can be easily controlled by a pest control professional. Black Widow Spiders: The most menacing of the spider reputations, black widow spiders are a small shiny black spider, with a bright red hour glass on the belly. These spiders are only mildly aggressive, but their venom can make people very sick, and can be potentially fatal. Brown Recluse Spiders: The small brown spider, these look relatively harmless, but can be extremely aggressive and very poisonous. If you suspect to have brown recluse spiders, seek professional assistance immediately. These spiders can cause fatality, as well as flesh and muscle loss. Banana Spiders: These large and extremely bright colored spiders are much less dangerous than the appear, they are harmless and feed on a lot of the insects that can be a nuisance, such as flies and mosquitos. However, if their large webs and menacing appearance become a nuisance, a pest control provider may be able to help you remove them. Other Spiders: There are numerous other spiders native to Florida, none of which pose a large risk to human health. However, their bites can be painful and their presence can be unsightly. If you have an issue with spiders, a pest control professional can help.

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